Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Let's get personal

Allow me to introduce myself. I am Louise, a quirky, inquisitive individual who finds most situations to be highly amusing. I have been married to a wonderful man, Colin, for a little over a year. My interests are highly varied, but some of the most prominent ones include literature (especially classic novels and poetry), writing, the piano, theology, cooking, and nature. I am a very family- and community-oriented person.

I am originally from the Youngstown, Ohio, area, and I miss it terribly. I graduated from Youngstown State University in 2007. My college years were wonderful. I met many amazing friends, had a great academic experience, and enjoyed working for various departments on campus, particularly my home department, Computer Science and Information Systems. During the last two years of my undergraduate career, I served as a student member on the YSU Board of Trustees. I also served as a member of Academic Senate, Student Government Association, University Scholar Trustees, Phi Kappa Phi, Golden Key, and the Catholic Student Association. Having the opportunity to be active on the campus I loved was a very enjoyable experience for me.

As a happy bride, my activities are now mostly centered around my home. My family is the center of my life and always will be. My husband is a joy! I miss my parents and my brother, who still live in Youngstown, and we visit them and our wonderful friends (whom we also miss!) from back home as often as possible.

Most importantly, I am a practicing Catholic who loves her faith. I live every day simply trying to do God's will and to seek what He wants for me and from me.

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